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Mar 13, 2019 in Admission Essay
Free Admission Essay Sample Personal Ideas

I believe in many things. I consider that every human being should be free to realize himself/herself in life. I think that people should share themselves and their ideas, because sharing binds individuals into a community, and the latter is a stronger unit of society. I believe people should live in a world where pluralism of thoughts, ideas and beliefs is used as a safe frame, which holds everyone somewhere in between being detached and being assimilated. Finally, I am convinced that art is the channel through which all the aforementioned values stream and flourish.

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Art expresses personal ideas and worldview, unites people, makes people think and feel, and serves as a testimony of the free world, tolerant and open to anyone who has something to share. By art, I understand both time-proven, internationally marveled oil-on-canvas masterpieces of gallery art and amateur paint-on-the-wall street art. I believe the latter is simply a new, contemporary form of artists’ self-expression, which one day will be appreciated as much as we now appreciate prehistoric wall paintings. By appreciation, I mean a careful attitude toward cultural artifacts and an adequate preservation effort, - not the attitude is shown in one of Banksy’s works where cave paintings are being painted out with white paint for the sake of renovation and “restoration”. Banksy is the nickname of the artist whose works have caused a resonance in my soul. I agree that some of his creations are overly provocative. However, many pictures are as harmless as pieces of peeled wall parget transformed into a mouse by the power of an artist’s creative thought. Banksy’s creations contain and bring meaningful messages. If I were writing a book about myself, I would probably use Banksy’s works as illustrations. Right now, I will try to illustrate my beliefs as I share my worldview with you.

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I believe in peace. I think that in the modern world of educated, intelligent, and conscious people, there should be no place for wars. However, I also see that peace is an extremely fragile concept. One of Banksy’s works shows a pigeon – the dove of peace – in a bulletproof vest and at gunpoint. I believe that the message of this piece of art says that there are currently many forces on the geopolitical plane, which target global peace and try to compromise it. Peace is a high value, which should be protected by each and everyone because it would be extremely difficult to build a happy future on the ruins of war. War is hardly a solid foundation on which one can build a life. In our era of digitalization and globalization, information can also be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Thus, the best peaceful weapon against war is knowledge. I believe that wars can evolve into something as harmless as throwing bouquets of flowers instead of throwing grenades and Molotov cocktails, as another Banksy’s picture shows it. It is my belief that the following generations do not deserve a life of a poor, sad, little girl from Banksy’s painting who holds a balloon – a symbol of a happy, carefree childhood - which forms a letter “O” in the utterance “No Future”. From my point of view, every second parking should be transformed into a park, as Banksy does by simply wiping the “ing” off the word and leaving the “park” be. Thus, I believe that our future should be peaceful and green.

As a manifestation of the freedom of expression, street art has a right to exist and be treated as art. After all, any form of artistry, if it does not evoke radical ideas or call for unworthy actions, is a way of sharing and enlightenment. As long as ideas circulate in the community and make people think about essential issues in their lives, art serves its purpose on this planet. Art can lecture, guide, propagate ideas, induce critical or creative thinking, etc. Moreover, art is a means of a silent dialogue as well as it is a channel for self-expression. Art is a part of the culture, and culture is what distinguished us from the lower forms of existence. Another force that serves the same purpose is education. I believe that education, which can be lifelong, is a way to a happy individual and social future. Unfortunately, there is no painting by Banksy to illustrate this thought of mine, thus, I can only hope that my words are eloquent enough to convey my message.

I choose your educational institution as my way into life. It is my dream, and I am following it. I truly hope your decision regarding my persona will not “cancel” my dream just like it is shown on one of Banksy’s wall paintings.

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