Admission Essay Sample

Jan 17, 2019 in Admission Essay

Admission Essay Sample

The Labor Market Today

People start to think about their future job sooner or later. Every person strives to obtain a good education in order to develop and reach the success in a carrier. Usually, the parents and teachers teach and even advice about one’s future plans, seeing their abilities and talents. Despite this fact, a person should make a choice by himself or herself.

Today labor market requires much from their employees. That is why, young people think about what they ought to do. For example, they face dilemma whether to study or work or, maybe, combine both these activities, since life is changeable. The past learning, programs, and technology become outdated. Therefore, the employees should study something new from time to time and be always in trend in order to be a perfect specialist in a concrete sphere.

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One’s favorite teacher plays a great role in forming person’s future. The tutor may impact the student’s culture, values, and future choice if she or he is a perfect person in young people’s eyes. The teachers point out in what field one is best and what field is one’s weak point. They even can change someone’s mind, as the teachers are good psychologists. The education is supposed to be necessary, but many subjects and disciplines have no sense for a certain type of work. Working after school is useless and even harmful for the majority of students, since it causes physical and mental fatigue and demotivation. This also gives knowledge which is irrelevant to preset time and innovation technologies. For instance, the worker may be dismissed, because the new machine can perform all of the human’s functions. It is a pity, but this is not a matter for crying and depression. The tears cannot solve any problem. Everybody encounters bad consequences and unemployment. For this reason, the person should not lose heart and study something new for the purpose to find another job. In addition, it may be a good chance to find oneself as a professional in another field.

In today’s highly changeable world, this issue becomes burning. The main thing that leads to a pain is a belief that everything around is stable, and it always will continue in such a manner during all life. The people want that their expectations were always met, but it is impossible. Nevertheless it, human beings should accept the changes as a normal part of their life. When the person is ready to study, change the job, or do something of such a kind, he or she will cope with any problem and live in a harmony with the world around.

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