What to Include into Your CV When You Have No Relevant Work Experience

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19.02.2019 in Writing Prompts

If you’re job hunting, you are constantly checking websites and any new information in periodicals about new vacancies. However, often you face a trouble – how to impress your potential employer if you have no relevant work experience? In this article, we will tell you what to put on your resume if you really want to get a job.

Of course, knowing how to find a job without experience, you will be able to reach your career goals easier. Let us provide you with useful tips and recommendations on writing your resume and cover letter.

  1. Begin with a summary statement

    We want you to know that beginning your resume with the explanation of what career goals you are going to achieve is quite outdated now. By doing so, you will focus on what you want to do for the employer instead of explaining what the potential employer can do for you. Thus, instead of writing about your goals, you need to prepare a summary statement that will describe you as a seasoned professional. Thus statement will provide your potential employer with the information about you as a passionate and result-oriented person. Taking only one-two sentences, such a statement aims to make the first impression on your hiring manager making them keep reading your CV without experience.

  2. Choose the right resume format

    There are three main resume formats allowing creating a great piece: chronological, functional, and hybrid format. A chronological format of the resume lists the work experience of the candidate in reverse-chronological order. A functional resume focuses on highlighting the candidate`s achievements and skills instead of the work experience. A hybrid format of the resume is just the combination of two formats mentioned above. Of course, a functional format is a very attractive option for job seekers with a lack of work experience. However, most of the hiring managers prefer the chronological or hybrid format. After all, no matter what format you choose, you need to stick to it through the whole document.

  3. Mention your relevant skills and transferable skills

    When applying for a job, you are frequently asked to provide some description of your relevant work experience. Even if you have never had a job, you might include just your relevant skills that you have. Probably you have been volunteering? Or maybe you have tried yourself as a supervisor? What are you generally good at? In which spheres are you better than in others? Which skills do you have that will be extremely valuable in your longed-for job? Do not be shy! Mention all your strengths.

  4. Mention the academic and other projects you have been working on

    You should definitely mention the academic projects in your CV. They will also be a manifestation of your relevant skills. If you have worked on some other projects beyond academic environment, be sure to mention them as well. Do not run to hasty conclusions that only paid working experience should be included into the CV.

  5. Internship

    Your college internship, paid or unpaid, is one of your best weapons in the struggle for your anticipated job position. These internships do not only provide you with the relevant work experience but also allow you to make connections you can use later in your workplace. When applying for a job having no relevant work experience, you need to mention all the internships you completed earlier. If you hadn`t any internship, consider applying one before you apply to a next job position.

  6. Avoid mentioning the specific things

    While there are a few elements that should be certainly presented in your resume with no work experience, there are some things that should be definitely avoided. They take space without providing your employer with relevant information about you and your achievements. Moreover, they can even damage your reputation. The list of these things includes but is not limited to the irrelevant facts about you, unnecessary photos, references, etc. You should not add this information to your resume unless your employer asked you to do that. Also, you need to make sure your e-mail address sounds professional. “Goodkisser2008@gmail.com” is a bad example of the e-mail. Of course, it sounded funny when you were younger, but it is not the right message to your potential employer. Creating a new, professionally-looking e-mail won`t take more than five minutes of your time, so do not hesitate to do it when you apply for a job position.

  7. Provide a killing cover letter

    Always provide a strong cover letter together with your CV. Your potential employer should be convinced by your firm willingness to get a position. You should demonstrate your motivation to get the job. Besides, you should definitely mention how you can benefit the company if you are accepted. If you manage to persuade your employer that you are the person they need, well, then it means that you have successfully written your cover letter.

  8. Customize your resume for each job

    Customizing your resume for each job position you apply to is very important. We assure you that sending the same resume to different companies is the wrong strategy. Different job postings have different requirements, different job duties, and different keywords. As such, if you want to make your application noticed, you need to customize your resume to a particular job position.

We do hope that our suggestions will help you understand how to write a resume with no work experience.

How to Write CV without Work Experience? Efficient Suggestions

How to Format a CV?

To grab the attention of the potential employer, your resume should be easy to read, clear, and concise. Especially when you have no relevant work experience, you should format your resume properly to show that you can be a good employee.

How Long a CV Should Be?

If you have no relevant work experience, you should not add irrelevant details in your resume to make it look longer. Do not be afraid if your resume will be only one page in length because even a short resume can bring you the expected outcome, being well-written of course.

How to Choose the Best Font and Font Size?

Remember that a resume is a standard official document so you need to choose Times New Roman or Arial font. Using more than two fonts in your resume will lead to failure. The size of the font for your resume depends on how much have you already written. For instance, you can start with 16pt for your name making 12pt. for the headers, and the rest of the text can be written in 11pt. However, there are no standard requirements, and you can experiment with your fonts and sizes until your resume looks perfect.

Printing the Resume

There is no need to print your resume on colored paper of fancy thick paper because it won`t bring you additional points from your hiring manager. Just print your well-written resume on a crisp white page and wait for a final decision.

A Good Resume Is Always Consistent

We assure you that the consistency of the resume is particularly important if you want to obtain a good outcome. It means that all the points you mention in your resume should match each other and should be formatted in the same way. For instance, if you decided to italicize one date in your resume, make sure to do it with all the other dates mentioned in your resume. If you decide to write the name of your college in bold, make sure to do it with all the educational institutions mentioned in your resume.

How to Format a Resume with No Experience?

In your resume, all sections should be separated by formatting them in bold or using a bigger font size. It will help your reader navigate through your resume easier finding the necessary information just in a few seconds. When writing your resume, especially when doing it for the first time, it is better to use the resume templates available on the reputed resume writing services. Using such a template will allow you to focus mainly on the content of your resume without spending much attention on its formatting.

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Getting a job may be hard sometimes as most of the employers are looking for more or less experienced people (who have at least worked for 2-3 years). However, inexperienced young people should not be discouraged or disappointed – with a properly written CV and cover letter, they have all chances to get their dream job.