How to write CV without work experience?
19 February, 2019 in Writing Prompts

Tips to Write a Great CV with No Work Experience

If you’re job hunting, you are constantly checking websites and any new information in periodicals about new vacancies. However, often you face a trouble – how to impress your potential employer if you have no relevant work experience? In this article, we will tell you what to put on your resume if you really want to get a job.

1. Mention your relevant skills and transferable skills

When applying for a job, you are frequently asked to provide some description of your relevant work experience. Even if you have never had a job, you might include just your relevant skills that you have. Probably you have been volunteering? Or maybe you have tried yourself as a supervisor? What are you generally good at? In which spheres are you better than in others? Which skills do you have that will be extremely valuable in your longed-for job? Do not be shy! Mention all your strengths.

2. Mention the academic and other projects you have been working on

You should definitely mention the academic projects in your CV. They will also be a manifestation of your relevant skills. If you have worked on some other projects beyond academic environment, be sure to mention them as well. Do not run to hasty conclusions that only paid working experience should be included into the CV.

3. Provide a killing cover letter

Always provide a strong cover letter together with your CV. Your potential employer should be convinced by your firm willingness to get a position. You should demonstrate your motivation to get the job. Besides, you should definitely mention how you can benefit the company if you are accepted. If you manage to persuade your employer that you are the person they need, well, then it means that you have successfully written your cover letter.

Getting a job may be hard sometimes as most of the employers are looking for more or less experienced people (who have at least worked for 2-3 years). However, inexperienced young people should not be discouraged or disappointed – with a properly written CV and cover letter, they have all chances to get their dream job.

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