What to Choose, Living on Campus or in Apartment?
10 July, 2016 in Tips for Students

Apartment vs. Campus

Student life is the period of adjustment when we have to make independent choices every day. Choosing which college to attend and where to live are the earliest and most crucial decisions. What do you prefer, dorm life or living off campus? To help you to decide, we have worked out pros and cons of each option.

Apartment Living

+ Privacy and more space.

If you don’t have a private room in the dorm, it is almost impossible to have some private space.

+ No prohibitions for entertaining guests.

Neither your roommates nor Resident Advisor (as in the dormitory) can be against inviting your friends here. You can spend much time together, arrange parties, and entertain yourselves.

No social life.

Student life is a bit incomplete when you live off campus. At best, when you have a ‘shared’ apartment arrangement, you have a neighbor. But it’s not enough for social growth. If you are a jolly crowd lover, you will feel a bit isolated.

Expensive rent.

Your monthly rent won’t include utilities and food. Moreover, don’t forget about off campus expenses. Still, it will definitely be high, I think you can do the math by yourself.

Student Life on Campus

+ Cheerful dorm life.

Social activities are provided for students, especially for freshmen to make new friends and cement friendships. Also, all sorts of amenities are accessible – from the dining hall and the gym to the library and game rooms.

+ Utilities included.

The Internet/Wi-Fi, electricity, water, telephone are usually free on campus. You don’t need to figure out all these costs by yourself.

Not always good roommates.

Not always having a roommate could end up being a good thing. It can be a person you can’t stand. The differences in interests and lifestyle preferences can play a nasty trick on you.

No private life.

There is no privacy, unlike apartment living. If can’t live without some privacy, dorm life is not the best option. Apart from sharing a room, you will always have common shower, a kitchen, etc.

So, when it comes to the “on campus or off campus” debate, there is no right or wrong answer. Each option has its pros and cons. You have to make a choice according to your individual needs and preferences. Anyhow, do not regret your decision. This housing situation is indeed temporary!

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