Ways to Improve Business Writing Skills

Ways to Improve Business Writing Skills
16 August, 2016 in Writing Prompts

Improve Business Writing Skills with Our Company’s Expert Writers

If you are majoring in Business and Management or Business and Administration, be sure that you will be assigned business writing assignments on a daily basis. Therefore, you need to be well versed in the principles of writing and organizing papers. If you want to improve business writing skills, be sure that you can rely on the expert help provided by our company’s writers. When you contact us for help, you will get essential support as well as professional assistance on your way towards successful writing.

How To Improve Your Business Writing Skills?

Writing skills are critical for any employee since you will surely have to communicate with someone via the email at least once in a lifetime. The email that you write is a kind of your portrait for your recipient – upon reading, he/she gets a particular impression of you as a person and paints a picture of you in his/her mind. Therefore, you should try as hard as possible to improve your writing skills.

Expert Opinion

If a manager is burdened with excessive workload and also has little time to fulfill all the assignments properly and on time, he/ she will gradually end up in emotional burnout. Therefore, it is essential to manage time wisely and be able to juggle between different business writing assignments. For many of them business writing is a tedious experience since it requires in-depth business writing skills as well as communication skills. In essence, you may have the greatest and the most original ideas but if you do not know how to convey them to others and communicate them to the other people, you will hardly ever achieve success with your business communication. Therefore, it is essential to improve business writing skills to convey your thoughts and emotions in a clear and comprehensible way.

I would really recommend you to read the book by Bryan A. Garner, which is called HBR Guide to Better Business Writing. It will be of great help for you to acquire effective writing skills. So, here are the main points of the book:

  1. Know the main writing aim

    Before writing, think about the purpose, the target audience, and the result you aim to achieve. Be convincing in presenting your ideas. However, do not put much pressure on the reader. If you need to write to the company partners, you should be clear and consistent in presenting the main points of your email. You may turn to draft writing to ensure that you have some time later to return to the email and proofread it.
  2. Know the target audience

    The style of writing, vocabulary, and the tone in general are directly connected to your target audience. The email should be clear and understandable for the reader. If your recipient uses a dictionary to find the meaning of some words you have used in the email, then you have definitely failed in mastering your business writing skills.
  3. Do not spend much time on draft writing

    A draft should not be as perfect as the final version of your writing. Therefore, it’s OK to do it quickly, just jot down some main points and develop the ideas later.
  4. Proofread and edit

    Garner provides a list of questions you have to ask yourself while proofreading. In particular, was the information reliable and true? Are there any missing details? Have you presented the ideas clearly?
  5. Prove and support everything you say

    Do not be biased in writing and never jump to hasty conclusions. Whenever you are going to write some statement, make sure you can support it and prove your point.
  6. Do not write wordy sentences

    Make sure you avoid repetitions, delete unnecessary prepositions, namely “of.” Besides, change phrasal verbs with appropriate one-word equivalents. Do not use colloquial phrases either.
  7. Fight clichéd and high-brow writing

    Do not aim at sounding fancy. Still think that sophisticated vocabulary will make a good impression of you? No, professional business writing skills aren’t about that. Try to avoid flowery speech. Make sure that the message of your writing is understood from the first time.
  8. Find a balance

    Do not try to sound too formal or too informal. Both of these options aren’t advisable. Pay attention to the length of the sentences, the vocabulary you choose, etc. Besides, do not use irony, sarcasm or humor. You are not talking with a person face-to-face, and therefore you might be wrongly understood.

Ways One Can Improve Business Writing Skills

  1. Courses and training
    Apart from numerous courses offered by universities and colleges, there is a vast abundance of training programs offered online. So, you will surely be able to improve writing skills in business if you have such aim. Often when a student majors in Business, such business training programs are a part of the curriculum. Still, if one has not studied Business in depth at the educational establishment, it is essential to attend some workshops, seminars and courses in order to fall flat on your face once you start working in the business setting. When deciding what course to choose, be sure that you need to identify whether you need a general course or some specific course. Apart from business course, you may also want to enroll on some technical writing course. Usually, it goes hand in hand with the business course writing since one should be aware not only of content but also of grammar, punctuation, format, paragraph structure, and other aspects of business writing organization as well as writing etiquette.
  2. Books
    If you question yourself how to improve business writing skills, be sure that you need to read many books related to business, business writing, and adjacent areas. You can buy such books at any bookshop or you can take some from your university library. If you want to find some specific book (and you do not know what book you need), feel free to go to some blogs and derive ideas from there – usually writers share some reviews of books that benefited them greatly.
  3. Use online resources
    In an urge how to improve writing skills, be sure that you can consult online sources as well as take advantage of numerous online studying programs. Moreover, there is a wide abundance of the websites that provide tips and strategies for business writing. What is even more interesting, you can find activities to improve business writing skills.
  4. Get guidelines and strategies from professional writers
    If none of the abovementioned help you or suit you, be sure that you address a professional writer to get expert and comprehensive help with business writing assignment. One of the core tips that professional business writers share is clarity, so be sure to write in plain English – do not strive at sounding sophisticated.

Do’s and don’ts of Business Writing


  • Careful plan the information and facts you plan to include;
  • Think of ways of sounding effective and clear;
  • Write in simple and clear sentences that relate to the point;
  • Avoid colloquial language and jargon.


  • Claim that you cannot write. Everyone can master business writing with ample practice;
  • Pretend that your first draft is outstanding – be sure to proofread, edit, and revise it;
  • Hide your central argument – present your core idea at the beginning.

If writing a piece of business writing is too much for you, do not hesitate and contact FreshEssay.net for help.

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