Watching Harry Potter Helps to Improve Creativity Among Children
2 September, 2016 in Uncategorized

Harry Potter Helps to Improve Creativity

Dear parents, if you are worried that your children spend too much time watching fantasy films, stop doing this. There are really no reasons for worrying as it has been proven by researchers that the children who adore Harry Potter films greatly improve their creativity and imagination. Such a hypothesis is one of the first steps towards researching the influence of fantasy on children’s minds and discovering whether there are any educational benefits of watching films with a magical content.

Creative Thinking Exercises

Researchers claim that fantasy movies are a kind of creative thinking exercises for children. When watching such movies or videos, children try to imagine what will happen next or they even associate themselves with their favorite characters and thus invent new stories of the fantasy worlds.

The studies explored that the ways to be creative are closely connected with the fact whether children watch films about some magical creatures or read some fantasy stories. For example, one of such experimental studies involved fifty-two children. Their age range was from four to six years. The children were divided into two groups and were shown fifteen-minute videos from the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The difference between the movies shown to the groups was that the first one watched some movie scenes with a magical content, whereas the second one – without any magical tricks. The results demonstrated that magical scenes directly influence on the ways to be creative, since those children performed better on creativity tests. If you are wondering what kind of tests there were, here is an example. Children were asked to pretend as if they were flying or they were a bird, etc. Depending on such an imaginary situation, they were asked about the possible turn of events. Children who never or rarely watched fantasy were obviously worse at such tasks than those who did.

Therefore, if you want your child to improve imagination, the movies you need to watch together should be of the fantasy genre. When a child perceives the world of supernatural events and characters, he/she can easily invent an alternative world. Such an ability will be of significant help at kindergarten or school, especially when children get some creative home tasks.

So, the movies you need to watch should carefully be chosen. You must ensure that they have only a positive influence on child’s mind.

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