Types of College Roommates

Types of College Roommates
7 October, 2016 in Tips for Students

Many years after your graduation from college, when the names begin to disappear from your memory, you will definitely remember the funniest stories and the brightest people who were living with you in the dorm or sitting next to you. You will still recollect the people, the way they looked and the way they behaved. This is what I call college personalities. Of course, they may vary as time changes, technologies and many other factors influence college life, however, the tendencies remain the same.

College Roommates Tips

There are some tips for evaluating college characters as well as for the perfect college roommate matching.

1. The Neat One

You will probably feel comfortable with people who adore cleanliness everywhere. They are well organized people who hate mess and chaos around them.

2.  The Sharer

There are people who strongly believe that everything that is in your room is to be shared. So, if you see that your favorite T-shirt is not where it is supposed to be, this is your Sharer.

3. Hermione Granger

This one is always worried about possible failures in the class. They can be quite nice people, but you will never hang out with them and they are more likely to move into the library for living instead of the dorm. This type is boring for college roommate matching, because such students are always studying.

4. The Significant Other

This kind has a relation lasting from high school, always talking about or with him/her on the phone, breaking up weekly and crying over this tragedy.

5. The Athlete

They do sport a lot and follow a routine of waking up and going to bed at the same time. Just get ready for taking exercise.

6. Momma’s Little Girl

This roommate does not even know how to handle daily routine. Laundry, cleaning the room, even making simple decisions is a challenge, just because they have never done it before.

7. The Musician

His/her career is somewhere in the music business; accidentally you have to share a room in college, but this is only for a couple of years.

8. The Party Maker

Good outlook, awesome party host, this one knows a lot about socializing in college.

9. The Party Girl

She knows how to hang out at the parties. You can be OK with her if your liver is OK with alcohol.  

10. The Sex Machine

This roommate is always in bed with a partner when you come home. So prepare for sleeping somewhere else.

11. The Sex Maker When You are in the Room

This one is not shy of having sex with someone even if you are in the room. Set a taboo for this as one of the rules for roommates.

12. The Gourmand

This one cooks a lot. If you like eating and have no time or desire to cook, you are lucky with such a roommate!

13. Jennifer Jason Leigh

She will copy you in everything: outlook, friends, and even romantic relationships.

14. The Enigma

You will never know anything about this roomie.

15. The Room Stayer

Whenever you enter your room, your mate is always there and you never see him/her anywhere, but in your dorm room.

16. The Opposite

You do not match in anything: schedules, attitudes, habits, and all other things.

17. The Philosopher

This one is for the first time on her own and needs to identify who he/she is and what to do with all that freedom. 

18. The Passive-Aggressive

They usually do not talk to you directly about bothering questions, they leave notes instead of speaking, but once they explode.

19. The Aggressive-Aggressive

This one talks a lot about what he/she does not like. Take care of not getting into a fight.

20. The Life Mate

You feel like this is the closest person for you in the entire world and that you will always be best friends, even after graduation and marriage.

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