Travel to Europe on a Budget: My TAFO Plan
10 July, 2016 in Holidays & Events

Europe is one of my favorite destinations. This region is a unique blend of cultures; thus, it is difficult not to fall in love with romantic Paris, reserved London, or some quiet Swiss village lost in the Alps. If you see Europe once, you will definitely want to visit it again. I’ve been totally obsessed with it for more than ten years. Now, my bag is full of valuable travel hacks that will help you travel on any budget, and I want to share my knowledge and experience.

What Is TAFO Plan?

TAFO (Transportation – Accommodation –Food – Other) is my plan for any travel. If you have a limited budget, you have to work out every step in order not to be caught flatfooted.

Cheap Transportation

To get cheap transportation, I would suggest you to consider hitchhiking. Obviously, it is an extreme option; however, if you have no kids and no huge luggage, you can try it. One more thing, you should travel with at least one friend and please, don’t tell your mom :). In many European countries, you can find some good offers on, which is a specialized and a rather popular online service where people can contact and travel together. In this case, you pay only for a part of the petrol cost.

Inside the country, you can also use public transportation. It is not as comfortable as hitchhiking but way safer. For international transportations, you can also use buses. Again, it is not as comfortable and fast as flights are but it is much cheaper. As a bonus, you can enjoy local landscapes.

Overnight Accommodation

There are some services to help you find a bed, room, or the whole house. Everything depends on your preferences. The cheapest option is Couch Surfing, an online community of people that are willing to allow travelers to stay in their private homes for free. Moreover, Airbnb will help you find locals that let their homes while being away. Hostels are the last opportunity for cheap overnight accommodation; in this case, you get a bed in a big room with other travelers and a perfect opportunity to socialize.


Here, everything is way clearer. If you want to save some money, hit the grocery store and cook yourself.


Entertainment, sightseeing, shopping, etc. depends solely on your budget.

Remember, whatever budget you have, you can travel to Europe and make it cheap. Just plan it!

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