Summer Jobs for College Students
7 July, 2016 in Tips for Students

The List of Summer Jobs for College Students

Get Money for College

What a great season summer is: sea, sand, parties, traveling, WarCraft, etc. You have so much time for so many exciting opportunities. You should definitely try them all … (remark) if you have a rich family who can support you for the rest of your life. Nevertheless, if you are not one of the Rockefellers and Mark Zuckerberg is not your uncle, you should better think about the approaching academic year. Summer jobs are a perfect opportunity to get money for college, develop your skills, and earn some work experience.

Set Goals

Just like in any action plan, first what you have to do is to set goals.Decide what is more important – money, experience, or knowledge. Once you have a clear target, you will easily separate tempting job offers from useless ones.

Search for Any Possible Opportunity  

You should utilize every available platform to look for opportunities. Talk to your friends, relatives, and teachers. They will either provide you with valuable advice or put you in touch with the right person. You can also browse the Web because many reputable companies publish their job offers there. Check whether your school has a special board with the list of jobs and internships for the student employment. Moreover, you can ask around your neighborhood. Amusement parks, restaurants, and stores usually look for seasonal employees.

Internship vs. Entrepreneurship

In some cases, an unpaid internship is a narrow path into big business. Even though you don’t get money (which is sad), you learn new skills, acquire knowledge, make professional contacts, and explore a career (which is definitely good). Maybe, in the case of successful cooperation, you will be offered a paid position in the future.

On the other hand, you can forget about job searchand work for yourself. Being a boss is cool as you can set the schedule and workload. Think of something you are good at and move in this direction. Dog-walking, tutoring younger children, shopping for an old neighbor, or babysitting services are ideas to be considered.


If you are not interested in money but are willing to have a good summer, you can engage in volunteering and make this world a bit better. You can use your natural skills to help others: animals, plants, or people.

Set goals, conduct a thorough job search,and you will spend your summer not only with pleasantly but also profitably.




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