Online Jobs for College Students
1 February, 2019 in Tips for Students

How to Earn Money Being a Student

Finding a job while studying in college is a good way of getting some extra pocket money. However, it can be difficult to find a job to balance with curriculum and classes. That is why the best solution is to find one of those best work from home jobs online. So, we have prepared a short list of online jobs for college students for a work-at-home schedule and regular paycheck.

  • Online Tutor

    Salary: $12-$20/hour
    Offer tutoring for fellow college students and take your academic knowledge and strengths online to start your tutoring business. It is not just academic disciplines. You may offer your consulting or tutoring services in stuff like nutrition, fashion, media, social, art or music.
  • Social Media Manager

    Salary: $15-$50/hour
    Social media managers serve as a face and voice of business on a number of social platforms. All you have to do is to manage social media accounts of a company. You will interact with followers and promote content and deals. It is a great way to earn money while having a free schedule.
  • Resume Writer

    Salary: $10-$30/hour
    Know a person who is about to graduate? Offer him/her to make their resume job-search-ready. Resume writing is a great opportunity to polish resume writing skills.
  • Data Entry Clerk

    Salary: $10-$15/hour
    These are not the best paid options. However, they do not require a ton of experience and skills. All you need is Internet connection and a computer. It is one of those easy good paying jobs online.
  • Search Engine Evaluator

    Salary: $13-$15/hour
    Search engines are often riddled with errors. You can make money by cleaning up Bing, Yahoo! and Google.
  • Freelance Writer

    Salary: varies; $40+ per article
    It can be flexible, lucrative work. You can set your own rates, pick your own gigs, and make your own schedule. The most important thing is that you will get paid for writing about almost anything you want.
  • Transcriptionist

    Salary: $15-$25/hour
    One can become a transcriptionist having no previous experience. Offering flexible workload, this job is one of the best online jobs for college students.
    Job responsibilities sound very easy: listen to the audio and type the text just heard. However, the main challenge about this job is that the text may be quite repetitive and boring. Thus, to perform job responsibilities well, one should be very attentive.
    As it was noted, the flexible work hours can perfectly fit your academic schedule that will help you balance your study and work.
  • Virtual Assistant

    Salary: $15-$200/hour
    Virtual assistants` responsibilities range from copywriting and e-mail marketing to customer service and data entry. Basically, the job responsibilities you perform as a virtual assistant depend mainly on your skills and qualifications. Such qualifications as copywriting or email marketing are considered premium and paid very well. The successful entrepreneurs have recognized the value of outsourcing and now delegate their tasks that can be done remotely to the responsible assistants. For instance, having a small café and cooking food, its owner, most probably, won`t be able to settle social media marketing and management issues. Besides, hiring virtual assistants, people can avoid paying taxes having someone, who will successfully manage some of their tasks.
    Considering all the obvious benefits of this job, one can assume that it is one of the best online jobs for college students.
  • Blogging

    Blogging is one more opportunity in the list of good online jobs that can bring a very good passive income if you are a student. If you can produce good articles for the people to read them, you will make good money on advertisement. When I started to write some articles, I did not even imagine that my passion would bring me some profits. However, when in one day, I made almost $500 just from ads, I realized that blogging can be a very good source of income.
    The best thing is that you do not have to be a perfect writer to become a blogger. Therefore, blogging is, perhaps, one of the best jobs online from home.
  • Freelance Graphic Designer

    Salary: $30-$200/hour
    If you are looking for online money making jobs, you should definitely consider graphic design. You can start from doing something simple such as a logo for a website and then, after polishing your design skills, you will be able to create even sophisticated brochures. I assure you that doing funny illustrations for blogs, you can earn even more than for spending eight boring hours in the boring office.
  • Website Maintenance

    In our age of advanced technology, website maintenance becomes one of the best online jobs from home for students. The small websites do not have the resources and opportunities to hire full-time website managers, so they prefer to hire students with sufficient skills and qualifications. As a website manager, you will be responsible for making updates on the website changing its content if necessary. Having more free time, you can be a manager on different websites earning good money. Moreover, such a job will enable you to make connections and references necessary in your future workplace. So, if you are good at search engine optimization, take advantage of it!
  • Photographer

    Salary: $25+/hour
    Photography is one of the most interesting online jobs for students. If you are good at editing your photos, you can easily earn some money by editing the pics for other people. If you have a smartphone with a good camera and a laptop with the necessary software, you have everything to get started! As for the salary, usually, it depends on how skilled you are.
  • Website Tester

    Salary: $10 per one test
    Although it does not require advanced skills and knowledge of how to work online, testing websites can be a good source of income. All you need to do is just check the website for its functionality. Sounds easy, right?

As you can see, it is not difficult to find easy good paying jobs online. It all depends on your motivation, style of writing, grammar or typing skills.


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