New Upcoming Movies

New Upcoming Movies
28 October, 2016 in Film, Music & Books

New movie releases

The Magnificent Seven

The American Western, one of the best movies in 2016, is about the town named Rose Creek, where seven the most dangerous and cruel outlaws and murders are fighting with the mayor of the city. The ending promises to be exciting and unexpected!


It is a lovely adventure comedy, where the main character is a young stork that delivers packages for the internet company. Once he creates a cute girl with the human machine. He is frightened and decides to transport this baby to some family! The story is worth seeing!

Beauty and the Beast

One of the best movies in 2016, in which Bella,the youngest of the six daughters, has to give her life instead of father's. However, the monster does not kill her; they begin to examine each other till Bella realizes that the beast was a beautiful prince in the past. She wants to help because now she is in love with him!

I. T.

It is a supernatural drama film where the young successful married man Mike Regan finds out that he and his family are in danger because of his I. T. colleague Ed who can get to know everything with one click of the mouse. Mike has to protect himself and his family.

The Dressmaker

Comedy/drama film, whichtells us the story of the young talented girl, who had failed many times. She is a dressmaker and studied in the best fashion houses of Paris. Now she is home in a town of Dungatar;she meets her love and avengeseveryone who wasimpolite to her!

Queen of Katwe

It is a tragic sports drama about a 10-year old girl PhionaMutesi. She and her family are destitute and have to work hard to survive in Uganda. Once she encountersa footballer Robert Katende, who teaches children to play chess and this meeting changesPhiona's life. Despite parent's prohibition,Phiona startsplaying chess becomes very successful in this game. Very soon, she is famous and startsher own life way. Her parents change their attitude and are proud of their daughter.

Audrey and Daisy

These girls both suffered from sexual violence in different places and time. Now, they have started their adult life and decided to find ways of helping American teenagers to avoid violence.

Closet Monster

It is an extraordinary film about a young boy Oscar, who became adult not knowing who he was. He meets different people on his lifeway; finally, he finds himself in a fantasy world, which he appreciates very much.

End of a Gun

One more among interesting autumn ideas is Steven Seagal’s story about a former DEA agent who agreed to help a young and foxy woman to steal two million dollars from a drug dealer. That will not be an easy task!

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