Major European Festivals 2016 to Attend in September
12 October, 2016 in Holidays & Events

European festivals attract tourists from all over the world due to their unique traditions and the abundance of the places of entertainment. In case you have not decided yet how to spend your autumn vacation or if you are searching for great fall ideas, we advise you visiting any of the best festivals in Europe.

Remarkable September events

1. The Braemar Gathering

A classic Scottish sports competition is going to be held on September 3. Do not hesitate to join the festival and watch the impressing performance of the international athletes who take part in “track” and “heavy” events.

2. Regata Storica

This festival, which features best Italian traditions, is to be held on September 4 in Venice. During the festival, you will have the opportunity to observe Genuine Italian historic craft, gondolas loaded with Venetians dressed in classic medieval costumes, and many other original customs.

3. Bestival

The annual boutique music festival takes place at Robin Hill Country Park, England. The 3-day event starts on September 8.The festival is famous for its fancy dress competition. Thus, the visitors are expected to dress accordingly.

4. Festival Musica de Strasbourg

If you are into international contemporary music, do not miss the chance to visit this French festival on September 17.

5. Munich Oktoberfest

If you have always dreamt of trying German beer and bratwurst, join Munich Oktoberfest on September 17. However, if you hate noisy parties filled with drunk people, you may go sightseeing instead.

6. Festes de la Mercé

This public holiday is held on September 18 in Barcelona in honor of the city’s patron saint. There are a lot of interesting events and fun activities, which include the parade of the giants, Castellers, and fireworks.

7. Galway International Oyster Festival

The festival begins on September 22 in Ireland. If you want to taste national Irish cuisine and listen to original music, this festival will not leave you indifferent.

September is not over yet and you still have a chance to visit your favorite festival. Make you great fall ideas come true! Start packing your suitcases right now and explore Europe in September!

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