Imagine Dragons to Blow Your World
12 July, 2016 in Film, Music & Books

Imagine Dragons is a young and successful rock band, and my personal #1 ever. The guys are fresh and original, and their music grabs. Probably, there is no person in the US that has not heard “Radioactive,” “Demons,” or “It’s Time” for a dozen of times. Basically, the first studio album of the band, “Night Visions,” was a revolution that made the whole music industry blow. Reynolds sings about true things inside of me and you, “I can't escape this now unless you show me how!” Great words! It is everything you should know to understand how popular the guys are. In 2015, the band presented their new album “Smoke & Mirrors.” Despite mixed reviews from critics, I’m sure it is the next stage in quality rock music.

Three Best Songs

Bronze Goes to “Friction”

One line from the song, "You can't fight the friction," uncovers the secret of the band’s success. Friction is the best word to characterize their work; they mix sounds and create weird and, thus, unique music. Middle East theme at the beginning changes to a piano and then shifts to a quick guitar. Have you heard something similar? This song is not a Grammy winner, but it definitely won many hearts.

Silver Goes to “Smoke & Mirrors”

Obviously, Reynolds put high hopes on this piece as one of the best songs; otherwise, it would not feature in the album title. He shares own reflections concerning love, whether it is real or nothing but an illusion. Interestingly, Reynolds seems to be ok with the possibility of the entire love thing being only smoke & mirrors.

Gold Goes to "Shots"

I think “Shots” is not only the best song on the album but also the best piece that the band has ever created. The life is one big mistake or a sequence of small mistakes. Overall, every human being is full of regret, and every man or woman is no stranger to sorrow. Reynolds is sincere, and his performance is sexy and powerful. He invites listeners into his cathartic moment, and it is hard not to cry.

Good news for the fans – the new album is full of great songs. Bad news for haters – the band is popular; from now on, this music will follow you everywhere: in your car, hair salon, and supermarket. Get used to it or forget about the radio for the next two years or so!

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