How to Experience Your First College Party
3 July, 2016 in Tips for Students

How to have funbeing a student? If you are not a nerd and wonder how to survive college not only by hitting the books, you can’t miss college parties. The memories are unforgettable (but for someone they are cheerful, for others ‒ shameful). The following tips can prompt you how to survive your first college party and how to ensure memories of this integral part of the whole ‘college experience’ make you smile.

Tips on How to Survive Your First College Party

Bring a Friend of Yours

A trustworthy friend is always better than 100 strangers. He/she will help you to go through awkward situations that usually happen, get home with minimum troubles, drink with no severe consequences, and laugh at everything after all. However, be always open to meeting new people. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself and put your best foot forward.

Be Careful With Alcohol

Nobody knows you better than you do. New place, new people – don't push your luck too far. But no one says you can’t take part in a drinking game. It is one of the possibilities to make new friends. Moreover, if you have never played such games, you don’t know how to have fun. DO NOT booze to show off about how much alcohol you can drink. It is not also a good idea to mix differet types of alcohol drinks if you don’t want to have the reputation of the drunkest freshman at the first party. And your organism will indeed thank you.

Dress Well

You don’t know exactly where you can end up during the party – dancing all night long or walking a lot. Wear such clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable.

Do Not Be a Hedgehog

Not every boy who approaches you is a bastard. Anyhow, there are embarrassed guys like you who are for the first time there. Try not to rebuff everyone who wants to have a talk with you. Nevertheless, be careful to avoid potential problems and dangers.

Take Some Safety Money

If you don’t want to find yourself in such a situation you can’t struggle out of the party, bring cash you may need, for example, for a taxi ride home. But don’t keep it all in one place. So, it should be your story how to survive college. Live in the moment and enjoy yourself at your first college party!

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