How to Experience Your First College Party
3 July, 2016 in Tips for Students

How to have funbeing a student? If you are not a nerd and wonder how to survive college not only by hitting the books, you can’t miss college parties. The memories are unforgettable (but for someone they are cheerful, for others ‒ shameful). The following tips can prompt you how to survive your first college party and how to ensure memories of this integral part of the whole ‘college experience’ make you smile.

First College Party Can Be So Different!

When you are in high school, your first college party would start at 8 PM. You will stay until approximately midnight. Your friends will bring alcohol. This is a usual thing for college parties! No, it is not that they will buy it in the nearby store. Most likely, they will take it from parents. Loud music is a must! So, if you are going to organize a party for your college peers, this is how it should go. Imagine that you need to set close ties with your friends for the next four-five years. You need to be very thorough when dealing with college parties!

Tips on How to Survive Your First College Party

Bring a Friend of Yours

A trustworthy friend is always better than 100 strangers. He/she will help you to go through awkward situations that usually happen, get home with minimum troubles, drink with no severe consequences, and laugh at everything after all. However, be always open to meeting new people. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself and put your best foot forward.

Be Careful With Alcohol

Nobody knows you better than you do. New place, new people – don't push your luck too far. But no one says you can’t take part in a drinking game. It is one of the possibilities to make new friends. Moreover, if you have never played such games, you don’t know how to have fun. DO NOT booze to show off about how much alcohol you can drink. It is not also a good idea to mix differet types of alcohol drinks if you don’t want to have the reputation of the drunkest freshman at the first party. And your organism will indeed thank you.

Dress Well

You don’t know exactly where you can end up during the party – dancing all night long or walking a lot. Wear such clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable.

Do Not Be a Hedgehog

Not every boy who approaches you is a bastard. Anyhow, there are embarrassed guys like you who are for the first time there. Try not to rebuff everyone who wants to have a talk with you. Nevertheless, be careful to avoid potential problems and dangers.

College Parties Can Help You Find Friends!

While spending your time at the college party, do not lose a chance to find new friends. Really, how will you go on through all these years without having anyone to back up your academic attempts? At the same time, you can take someone you really love and cherish to watch you during the college party. If you are a girl, why not ask your brother to go out with you? Someone who loves you will monitor the way you create new ties. Choose the right people for the right thing. Do not hesitate to invite people you want to know more – it is such a great opportunity to learn more about people in your college!

Useful College Party Tips: Do not Succumb to College Problems

It is not about choosing between life and death. It is not about going one level down. One of the greatest tips for college parties is that you can do it professionally. You do not need to sacrifice yourself to become a great partygoer. At the same time, you need to understand that being at a college party is the same as participating in an athletic competition. It is all about competition, do you not know? If you know that you cannot drink as much as others do, and if you realize that you are not a party person at all, it may all turn into a huge trouble. At the same time, no one keeps you from enjoying the process. You only need to be present there. There is no shame in not doing crazy things. It is great that you know when you need to stop. Just watch it at a distance, and love the moment of truth!

A Useful College Party Guide: Do not Drink Too Much!

When you are having a college party, you also want to have the best time. However, that does not mean that you must drink. On the contrary, you are not to become the drunkest person during your first college party! It is your reputation! Do not forget it! You do not want to regret your chance to spend some great time with your college friends. They hardly know you, so you definitely want to be the best and most reasonable person among your college peers! Or do you want them to remember you as the first girl to swim naked in the pool?

The Best College Party – Remember It!

It is your first college party, so be very reasonable and thorough about what you are drinking. Do not be in a hurry. It is not a drinking competition! Do not mix your drinks. Do not try to taste everything you find during this college party. Your stomach will respond immediately, and you do not want to be that girl who threw up while swimming naked in the pool?

Valuable College Party Advice: Drugs

We understand and we take it seriously: there is no college party without drugs. We are serious: do not even try it! Moreover, watch what you eat and drink. Never, ever leave your drink unattended, or you may end up having something in your drink that will send you to the moon and back. Check upon your friends. You should always know where you can find them. Of course, it is not that you have to go as a couple all night long. However, it is just a matter of safety. If you are new to this place and you do not know how to get back to the campus, it is better to have someone back you up while you are having fun.

How to Survive a Party? That is the Thing!

When you are a partygoer, you will have a cell phone with you. However, everyone will, so be ready to see plenty of pictures taken during the party! No one will say, “Hey, Jenny, smile!” These pictures will come from different perspectives, with you in your best and possibly your worst shape. This is why it is so important to behave normally and maintain your composure. You will certainly have your phone full of pictures. However, do not just post them online without asking people first. Be ready to defend your right to privacy. No one there is in a position to share your pics without your permission. Oh, yes, it is going to be a fight! Just be brave and decisive as you are working out your way through college parties.

Take Some Safety Money

If you don’t want to find yourself in such a situation you can’t struggle out of the party, bring cash you may need, for example, for a taxi ride home. But don’t keep it all in one place. So, it should be your story how to survive college. Live in the moment and enjoy yourself at your first college party!

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