The Best TV Shows Streaming on Netflix

The Best TV Shows Streaming on Netflix
9 August, 2016 in Film, Music & Books

Best Netflix TV Shows List

Many of us really like watching TV shows. However, watching it on TV is not always possible, and spending money on DVDs you would probably watch just once is senseless. That is why lots prefer using Netflix – the site, which has every show that has ever been released. Here is the list of best TV shows streaming on this website.

Best Series 2019 Netflix

No matter if you are a thriller maniac or a cooking guru, we will find the best TV shows streaming on Netflix just for you. Look through the best TV shows on Netflix right now and you will definitely recommend them to your friends!


The crime drama detective, based on the novel “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” by Jeffrey Lindsay, successfully lasted eight seasons and received many awards, including the prestigious Emmy. The creators of the series managed to make viewers worry about the fate of a cold-blooded serial killer Dexter Morgan.

“Dexter” is a modern thriller with exquisitely interwoven elements of the crime. The main character, Dexter Morgan, who has had a psychological trauma since childhood, having seen the murder of his mother and having lost all feelings of pity for people, began to kill them. His victims are criminals, those who really deserve it, but were justified. Dexter has a strong sense of fair punishment, so he tracks his victims and gives them terrible torment, sawing them to pieces, and professionally gets rid of corpses. He does everything very cleanly and competently, without leaving evidence. Morgan works in a police station in the department of forensic medicine, examining bloodstains on dead bodies. In addition, his father was a policeman who trained him to properly clean up the evidence. One day a mysterious person appears and defies Dexter. Who this man is and why he does it is a big mystery for everyone. People from different countries admit that “Dexter” is one of the best TV shows on Netflix.

The Great British Baking Show

In the list of TV shows on Netflix, this one takes a special place. In this interesting TV show, Mary Barry and Paul Hollywood evaluate amateur chefs who have fallen under one tent. Competitions of talented bakers take place on a beautiful landscape, in a huge pavilion, equipped in accordance with the rules of safety. The participants prepare truly incredible things from the simplest cakes to the particularly complex bakery masterpieces. After all, there is something interesting for everyone.

Alias Grace

I assure you that it is one of the best TV shows on Netflix. Based on the story of Margaret Atwood, “Alias Grace” is a fabulous story that attracts the audience worldwide. The plot is very intriguing. Young Grace is accused of conspiring with another servant. They strangled the housekeeper and shot the owner of the house, their employer. Confessed to the deed, the servant, who stated that Grace persuaded him to commit a crime, was hanged right away. Grace claims that she does not remember anything about that ill-fated day.

After a series of unsuccessful interrogations and sadistic procedures in a psychiatric hospital in order to achieve the truth, Grace appears in front of a young and handsome doctor of psychology, who does not beat, does not force, does not torture her with electric shock, but just talks, intending to revive dozing memories, trying to find out more about a mysterious girl. Alice tells her story almost from the start, from emigrating from Ireland to Canada in search of a better life with her parents and younger siblings. She tells about the death of the mother, the harassment and cruelty of the father, as well as her first job as a maid. I assure you that you will enjoy this series considering it one of the best TV shows streaming on Netflix.

The Umbrella Academy

The plot of the science-fiction series “Umbrella Academy,” based on the eponymous graphic novel by Dark Horse Comics, is developing in an alternative universe. In the middle of the 20th century, 43 girls, who were not pregnant, suddenly give birth to children. The event becomes truly extraordinary. Soon, it becomes clear that all children were born as a result of inexplicable circumstances and have incredible abilities.

At the same time, an alien appears on the planet who manages to hide its true essence. Introducing himself as Sir Reginald Hargreaves, he tries to save the kids from imminent death. He manages to save only seven of 43 children born. Soon, these children become members of a unique academy in which Reginald begins their education.

F Is for Family

At the very beginning of watching the series “F Is for Family” we are introduced to Frank, a man who works at the enterprise, likes to watch TV and lives with his beloved wife and three children. He is a veteran of the Korean War, and he regularly reminds his family members about this fact. Sue, Frank`s wife, has a soft and kind character. She is obedient and always ready to help.
Their eldest son Kevin lives together with them. He is a completely uncontrollable teenager and criminal. Bill is a good-natured and calm brother. Maureen is the youngest child. She is affectionately called a princess in the family. She is smart but has the amazing gift of destroying everything around. The boastful neighbor Vic lives next to them. He regularly demonstrates his successes and acquisitions, which causes a strong feeling of indignation in Frank. The head of the family sincerely despises him for his constant good mood and success in almost all endeavors. After all, Frank is just capable of ruining anything.

The Fall

In my honest opinion, “The Fall” is one of the best movies on Netflix right now. Northern Ireland may be different. Its wildlife is very beautiful but in some places gloomy and severe. The ordinary everyday life of the inhabitants of Belfast was not poisoned by anything. Residents went to work, went shopping, children attended schools, everything went on as normal life in such cities. The sudden disappearances and killings of people have changed the course of time. People get confused and frightened for their lives. They are afraid that it is not just a maniac but a serial killer. The local law enforcement agencies are not able to figure it out. Stella Gibson comes to help. She looks like a fragile young girl, but in fact, she is a great detective. This case turns into a hunt. The maniac, terrorizing the city, hunts down his game, and he himself becomes the object of prosecution of the detective. Who will be the first to achieve their goals and whose hunt will be successful can only be found by watching this intriguing psychological thriller. I assure you that you won`t have time to go to the refrigerator as it is one of the best TV shows streaming on Netflix.

Dear White People

The action of the series “Dear White People” takes place in one of the most influential and prestigious American educational institutions. A private college, part of the famous Ivy League, causes genuine interest among students throughout the country. Many people dream of studying in this place, but only the most organized applicants, having high academic results or wealthy parents, can enter it. At first glance, it may seem that an ideal organization reigns in this institution, but it soon becomes clear that even in such a place a protest movement may begin. The key events begin to develop at a party organized by a group of African American students when a serious conflict arises. At first, one gets the feeling that it will stop immediately after the students calm down, but after a while, it becomes clear that the confrontation that has just begun will not end.

So, if you are looking for Netflix TV shows to watch, consider choosing something from the list above and you won`t be disappointed!

Best TV Shows on Netflix

Best Series 2016 Netflix

This list is based on critics’ and audience’s rating. You may not agree with it – in this case, you can browse through the site's catalog yourself and find the shows you like.

Here is the list:

- Friends

- Breaking Bad

- Sherlock

- Lost

- Supernatural


During some periods of your life, you really feel like you need to watch friends – a sitcom about a group of six young people from New York. This TV show used to be number one in the ratings of the most popular for ten years! Watching it gives you a sense of comfort that is similar to being with loved ones. Unfortunately, you cannot drink coffee at Central Perk with Rachel, Monica, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler, but watching old episodes of Friends is a great idea, too.

Breaking Bad

You are wondering what to watch? Have not you still seen Breaking Bad? Do not waste your time anymore – click the play button and watch the series. This show is about a sick chemistry teacher and his unstable partner, who are fabricating meth. Breaking Bad shocks its audience with complicated storytelling, uncovered violence, and fearless performances.


The Sherlock Holmes’ story is an old one, but it still has numerous fans, especially, its modern screen version. Sherlock is considered to be one of the best tv sitcoms. Whereas a lot of modern crime shows are becoming boring after few episodes, Sherlock manages to escape that rut due to an exciting scenario and compelling plots.


This show is not included in best tv sitcoms list, but it is an exciting fantastic and mystical show that has thousands of fans all over the world. This hit tells about survivors of an airplane crash stranded on a mysterious island.


Supernatural is the show that has been delighting the lovers of witches, monsters, demons and other antagonistic grotesqueries since 2005. This show tells about supernatural adventures of two demon-slaying brothers. It is an original story that uses allusions and captivating mythologies to demonstrate a never-ending battle with inhuman villains.

Now then, no matter if it is a sick day, a weekend, or just a regular Monday night – if you need to binge-watch something, you should not get lost in that multiplicity of wonderful shows as this list is here to help ou.

If you are overloaded with a curriculum and do not have time to relax, then entrust your tasks to our professionals! While they will carry out your writing tasks, you will be able to see something from the list!

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