The Best TV Shows Streaming on Netflix
9 August, 2016 in Film, Music & Books

Many of us really like watching TV shows. However, watching it on TV is not always possible, and spending money on DVDs you would probably watch just once is senseless. That is why lots prefer using Netflix – the site, which has every show that has ever been released. Here is the list of best TV shows streaming on this website.

Best Netflix TV Shows List

This list is based on critics’ and audience’s rating. You may not agree with it – in this case, you can browse through the site's catalog yourself and find the shows you like.

Here is the list:

- Friends

- Breaking Bad

- Sherlock

- Lost

- Supernatural


During some periods of your life, you really feel like you need to watch friends – a sitcom about a group of six young people from New York. This TV show used to be number one in the ratings of the most popular for ten years! Watching it gives you a sense of comfort that is similar to being with loved ones. Unfortunately, you cannot drink coffee at Central Perk with Rachel, Monica, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler, but watching old episodes of Friends is a great idea, too.

Breaking Bad

You are wondering what to watch? Have not you still seen Breaking Bad? Do not waste your time anymore – click the play button and watch the series. This show is about a sick chemistry teacher and his unstable partner, who are fabricating meth. Breaking Bad shocks its audience with complicated storytelling, uncovered violence, and fearless performances.


The Sherlock Holmes’ story is an old one, but it still has numerous fans, especially, its modern screen version. Sherlock is considered to be one of the best tv sitcoms. Whereas a lot of modern crime shows are becoming boring after few episodes, Sherlock manages to escape that rut due to an exciting scenario and compelling plots.


This show is not included in best tv sitcoms list, but it is an exciting fantastic and mystical show that has thousands of fans all over the world. This hit tells about survivors of an airplane crash stranded on a mysterious island.


Supernatural is the show that has been delighting the lovers of witches, monsters, demons and other antagonistic grotesqueries since 2005. This show tells about supernatural adventures of two demon-slaying brothers. It is an original story that uses allusions and captivating mythologies to demonstrate a never-ending battle with inhuman villains.

Now then, no matter if it is a sick day, a weekend, or just a regular Monday night – if you need to binge-watch something, you should not get lost in that multiplicity of wonderful shows as this list is here to help ou.

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