Astonishing Facts about Disney Princesses
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Many little girls are obsessed with Disney princesses and their flowing locks, beautiful voices, fabulous dresses, and of course their epic stories. You may think that you know everything about these royal babes. However, the facts that you are about to read will surprise you.

Official Princesses of Disney

Though there are plenty of princesses in Disney movies, only several are recognized in Disney Princesses official lineup. The official princesses of Disney are:

- Snow White;

- Aurora;

- Cinderella;

- Pocahontas;

- Jasmine;

- Ariel;

- Belle;

- Mulan;

- Rapunzel;

- Tiana;

- Merida.

There are rumors that Elsa and Anna will become official princesses too in the near future.


If these princesses existed in the real world, they would go to high school, as they all are teenagers! For instance, Snow White is the youngest – she is only 14 years old, Jasmine is 15, Belle is 17, Pocahontas is 18, Tiana and Cinderella are both 19.

Interesting Facts About Cinderella

Some people who used to know Walt Disney very close affirm that Cinderella was his favorite princess. In addition, the magical moment when her dress transforms into a luxurious ball gown was Disney's all-time favorite animation

Cinderella was the first of Disney princesses who did not have a royal descent.

Some Things About Pocahontas

The only princess who had a prototype in the real world is Pocahontas. The real Pocahontas lived in the 1500s.

Among other interesting facts about her is that she was actually not the first princess who was a Native American. Tiger Lily from Peter Pan was the first. However, Pocahontas was the only one who was featured on the official princesses of Disney lineup.

Other Princesses of Disney

Ariel became the first princess of Disney in thirty years when The Little Mermaid film was released in 1989. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty in 1959 was the last princess before that.

By the way, Aurora has only 18 lines of dialogue and 18 minutes of screen time. This makes her one of the most quiet cartoon characters.

Belle from Beauty and The Beast is the only one among the other cartoon characters in the whole town to wear blue – this signifies that she is an outsider. The beast is also wearing blue when they meet, showing that they both are misfits.

Maybe Mickey Mouse is Disney’s durable mascot, but he has never earned the adoration of little girls like the princesses of Disney did. Over the years, they have grown into a great cultural asset.

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