Ask Me How to Get Better Grades
12 July, 2016 in Tips for Students

Most students are wondering how to get better grades; however, many give up the idea because of believing that it takes too much time and effort. However, despite a popular view, it is not the case in most instances. A few simple techniques can help one focus, remember, and make the process of studying more efficient and less time-consuming.

Top Ten Studying Tips

10. Visit Every Class.

Once in a while, many students prefer an additional hour of sleep, shopping or meeting with friends to an unnecessary class. You set the preferences; however, remember that skipping an hour of class will take you three hours of catching-up.

9. Choose the Place in the Front

Sitting in the front of the class will help you focus and retain more information. Moreover, the professor will know your face, and this booster may help you earn a better grade.

8. Ask and Answer

Asking and answering questions are among the best study habits. You have a chance to get more credit for the class participation; moreover, it will help you make new information as clear as a bell.

7. Be like a Clock

Try to submit all assignment promptly and don’t be late for classes. It is not easy; however, punctuality is highly-prized.

6. Set Goals while Choosing Classes

Obviously, if you are interested in anything, lectures, readings, and assignments will come easily to you, and you will obtain better results.

5. Study Every Day

It is better to spend one hour of studying every day than to try to do everything in one 12-hour session. No fatigue, drowsiness, or pressure. Isn’t that amazing? And you still have time for personal life and social responsibilities.

4. Learn at what Testing Types You Are Good.

People have different perception and mindset. Some are good at essays; others excel in short answers or multiple choice questions. If you know your weaknesses and strengths, and your professor gives you a choice, you will pick up the testing type that will earn you better grades. Great study habits, aren’t they?

3. Join a Study Group

Human is a social being; thus, studying in groups is usually a way easier.

2. Take Breaks.

You set goals and work hard in order to succeed. However, if you make no breaks, fatigue will take its toll sooner or later. Don’t overdo!

1. Study at a Table

Studying at a table is the best way to stay focused. Lying on the floor, reclining on the sofa or sitting on a bed are good for everything but not studying – too much distracting stuff and temptation. 

Good luck with your grades!

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